Building Services

Bespoke New Build

If you have a dream of building your own home and have a plot just sitting there waiting for the dream to happen – we can turn your dream into reality!

A new build property does not have to be built from brand new materials either. We can build new homes/properties from reclaimed materials to reproduce the look of a property built hundreds of years ago.

From ground works to decorating we can offer a complete service, covering all trades in the building industry.


The perfect solution is often an extension. If you have some spare space, the addition of an extension and some imagination can transform the dynamics and functionality of your home.

Whether it is a porch you have been promising yourself, a family room or new bedrooms and bathrooms, a larger kitchen or utility, we can build your extension.

We will help plan and build your extension with the least possible disruption, so it integrates with your existing structure and delivers the lifestyle features you need.

If a home extension is not an option for your because of physical location of your home, a conversion may be the answer. Maybe you have an attic that has high potential for conversion or a spare box room that you could convert to a second bathroom or shower room, or an old laundry room that could be integrated with your kitchen for dining space.

Whatever your ideas, contact us to see how we can assist you to build the extension or conversion you always wanted.

Oak Framing

We can construct all types of timber buildings such as houses, double garages, extensions and porches using traditional methods of mortise and tenon joints secured with pegs that have been in use for centuries.

We take great pride in working with such a durable, attractive and environmentally friendly choice of material.

Barn Conversions

Every barn which is suitable for conversion is different, and whilst there can sometimes be planning considerations which may limit the scope of additions and alterations to the external structure, each barn conversion can reflect the individual nature of its construction and of its owners individual tastes.

We have years of experience in converting barns and outbuildings into your dream home.

Renovations & Restorations

A home renovation can transform your house. Maybe you’ve always had an aim of modifying your home, or maybe you’ve just bought a new place that needs a major makeover. Either way, we can help you.

We’ve carried out numerous renovations in and around Cheshire, so we know the best ways to tackle them.
If conservation is an issue, we can preserve and treasure the original architectural features.
On the other hand you may be a lover of modern design and it is an opportunity to express yourself and integrate modern sustainable technology.

Whichever renovation approach you want to take, we can help to deliver the home lifestyle you seek and increased value to your home.

Dry Lining Systems

With our specialist Dry Lining systems we can convert any damp unusable cellar / basement areas either commercial or domestic into a habitable space.

These dry lining systems can be tailored to suit individual requirements with systems available for all environments and can include access panels, vapour barriers and insulated panels.

Timber Repairs & Treatments

We specialise in the repair, restoration and where required replacement of all structural and non structural Timber. Our Timber treatment and replacement services cater for grade listed and modern properties including domestic and commercial structures where we specialise in wet and dry rot treatments, timber beam upgrades and resin reinforcement repairs.

Specialist Pointing Solutions

In all masonry walls (brick, stone or block), the exposed face of the mortar joint is subject to gradual erosion due to rain, wind and wind-driven dust and grit. Frost attack also contributes to the breakdown of materials. Once the exposed face of the mortar has receded behind the outer wall face, the arises of the masonry become more vulnerable to erosion. At some point the joints become so worn that water can penetrate and saturate the wall. The decision to repoint is most often related to some obvious sign of deterioration, such as disintegrating mortar, cracks in mortar joints, loose bricks or stones, damp walls, or damaged plasterwork. Holes can sometimes develop in the joints due to improper bedding of the masonry or other, specialized, localized influences, and the general look of the house exterior is reduced.

The mortar joint in a masonry building is the wall’s ‘first line of defense’.

Each project requires judgement based on a variety of factors. However, our expertise has given us the ability to realise this at the outset and can prevent many jobs from becoming prohibitively expensive.

Repointing is an essential aspect of building maintenance and can save the owner a great deal if scheduled as part of a strategic plan.